Master thesis in the area of functional architecture from June 2024

17. April 2024


Life is always about becoming… Becoming means going on a journey to be the best version of our future selves. While we discover new things, we will face challenges, master them and grow beyond our individual limits.

Apply for a job at Mercedes-Benz and find your individual role and workspace to unleash your talents to the fullest. Empowered by visionary colleagues who share the same pioneering spirit. Joining us means becoming part of a global team that aims to build the most desirable cars in the world. Together for excellence.

Job-ID: MER00035SA

Mercedes-Benz Group AG is one of the most successful automobile companies in the world. With Mercedes-Benz AG, the vehicle manufacturer is one of the largest providers of premium and luxury cars and vans.

In Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development (RD), we shape the automobile generations of the future and are the architects of our own operating system, Mercedes-Benz Operation Systems (MB.OS). By this we not only mean the digital experience, but also the development of innovative vehicles with the highest quality and innovative functions. We are already working on the vehicles that will ensure Mercedes-Benz’s technological leadership in the future.

In the MB.OS Architecture department, we design the future vehicle generations of Mercedes-Benz Cars in a cross-functional and cross-model series manner with regard to control unit networking, function distribution and energy supply.

In the “MB.OS Networking & Functional Architecture” team we develop the electrical/electronic architectures of tomorrow. We also use innovative methods for this, such as artificial intelligence, for which we write our own software.

Modern vehicles provide a complex functional landscape by means of software. This is a system of distributed computers based on a multi-layered hardware architecture. In the development process of a car, the various software components must now be integrated into the existing architecture.

In the process, many different constraints, both of the software and of the hardware, have to be met. For the automation of the distribution process, we are currently working on a method that allows the adherence to the constraints while simultaneously optimizing chosen key parameters such as the bus bandwidth.

This method is currently assuming a fixed hardware architecture. When designing an automotive system in practice however, defining or changing the hardware is an important degree of freedom. Moreover, the design process of the hardware architecture and the allocation of software onto hardware are mutually dependent on each other.

This research project aims to find a suitable approach to include the degrees of freedom that exist in the design of automotive electric/electronic architectures and integrate it into an existing method that optimizes the allocation of software onto fixed hardware.

The final thesis selection is made in close consultation with you, the university and us.

  • MINT course of study
  • Very good communication skills and proficiency in English and German
  • Experiences with MS-Office
  • Engagement
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Analytical way of thinking and strategic way of working

Additional information:

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