Master Student Physics – Bioluminescence (m/f/d)

15. April 2024


Institute for Nanophotonics Goettingen e.V.
Department of Optical Nanoscopy

Since its founding in 1987, the Institute for Nanophotonics Goettingen has been a pioneer in the
transfer of application-oriented research between science and industry. The activities range
from the development of novel laser measurement techniques, product refinement using lasers,
the development of new beam sources to applications in the life sciences and medical
Our group uses the light emission of living cells for imaging that is generated by the process of
bioluminescence. We apply a genetically encodable bioluminescence system to create
autonomously glowing cells and improve the brightness of this system in different cell types. In
this project, we will explore the use of newly developed optical fibers for the detection of
bioluminescence signals at great depths of large biological specimens, which cannot be
accessed with common camera-based imaging methods. A fiber-based setup will be developed
in collaboration with a German company and applied for bioluminescence measurements.
We invite applications for a • Construction of a fiber-based bioluminescence imaging system
• Test measurements using biological samples, data visualization • Bachelor’s degree in physics or a related subject
• Ideally experience in optics and basic programming skills • Interdisciplinary team in a cutting-edge research area at the interface of physics, biology,
medicine and materials science
• Extensive and modern equipment
• Excellent integration into the Goettingen campus