Master thesis – Soft Sensor Development (m/f/d)

7. März 2024


Efficient fermentation processes are crucial for industrial biotechnology. Many process parameters can only be determined offline. The resulting time delay limits efficient real-time process control. A soft sensor can overcome this challenge. Based on a model, a soft sensor can continuously measure process parameters that cannot be measured directly with conventional hardware sensors. Therefore, an optimal control of a specific bioprocess and thus maximum yields in minimal fermentation time can be achieved.
The goal of this master’s thesis is to develope a soft sensor based on already existing models.
Development of a SoftSensor in Python

Optimize and adapt the current mechanistic and data-driven model
Create a link between model and process control

Passion for programming
Previous experience in Python
Ability to work independently

Insight into an industrial bioprocess
Brand new lab equipment
A friendly work enviroment
Your own workstation with a desktop computer